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Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers Flash Game Now Online


I would like to congratulate ArmorGames on yet another amazing strategy and tower defence game that is the Kingdom Rush 2: Frontiers game that can be played online here. You can start playing it immediately and save your game progress automatically as before either as a local save on your PC or with an ArmorGames […]

Kingdom Rush Level 1 Walkthrough

victory 3 gold stars

We’d love to do a Kingdom Rush Frontiers walkthrough guide, but Kingdom Rush Frontiers is not yet available to play online for free. It’s currently only available to buy, download & install on iOS devices. Although its expected to be released on flash around Dec 2013 but could be as late as Jan 2014. But […]

How to Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

kingdom rush frontiers game

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a tower defence game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and was first released to play on the 6th June 2013 just recently this year. Currently Kingdom Rush Frontiers is only available to play on an iPhone/iPod or iPad and Android device. However we can probably expect their to be a flash version released much […]

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Guide

kingdom rush frontiers heroes

The Kingdom Rush Frontiers game has the power to make get game players completely engaged with the game. It has the charisma that drives gamers to love and keep playing this game over and over again. This game is almost perfect in that sense but but is rated as one of the most popular and […]

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