Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the second version of Kingdom Rush game of course. Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers game is even bigger and better than the first. There are more evil attackers, and more weapons and towers to build and upgrade to kill them with before they kill you and take over your kingdom. A mighty dark oppressor is on the horizon and a new king is needed to defend the kingdom. Are you up to the challenge and heroic battles again?

Defend your kingdom in Kingdom Rush Frontiers game online. This is simply the best tower defence game ever made. There are no other TD games that can match the gameplay, details, features and everything else that make up this game into what it has become today — one of the most popular and famous TD games you can play online free on your PC. Other than the fact that you can’t yet play it on your PC as its not currently available as a flash game. And its now available to play for free online in your web browser.

However we do predict that Ironhide Game Studio’s will have more aces up their sleeves and will create and make this game available to play for free on the PC as a flash version of the game. If not soon then eventually in time. And if not a free version then at least a version that can be installed and played on PC’s and even games consoles like the Xbox and PS3 and or Xbox One or PS4.

September 27, 2013: Currently Kingdom Rush Frontiers is only available to play on Apple devices and Google smartphones. This includes the iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices. When there is a flash version you will be able to play it here. Subscribe through our feed for more details and to find out when.

Update:┬áNovember 22, 2013: Kingdom Rush Frontiers flash online version of the game is now available. It is packed full of all the things you want. There is 8 new tower upgrades and 40 new enemies. Plus 9 new heroes and about 70 achievements to do so it has more than enough to keep you playing for hours on end! Like usual it starts off easy at the first levels but then gets harder and harder. Battles go from mild to moderate to mental! Attackers come weak and get harder to kill. So you’ll need to have the best tower defence strategy if you want to be able to complete every level with 3 gold stars.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Gameplay Tips

kingdom rush frontiers characterAre you up for a new challenge of epic proportions? Think you have what it takes to lead your kingdom to victory and complete all levels on the hardest setting? Well I’m pretty sure you’ll need some help along the way so these following game playing tips should help you if you get stuck or need some pointers for the way.

The best offence is a good defence

It’s all about money. The more you have the more towers you can buy and upgrade. And the more items you can buy to help you. So you want to try to limit your money spending as much as possible and destroy all the enemy without spending all your funds on towers. What you got to realize is that sometimes its better to just upgrade one or two towers to make them stronger and faster rather than just buying lots of separate towers.

  • 1. When you start the game you can select a slot to save your progress. The game is saved automatically during play and will restart from the last level you finished on. You can choose either Normal or Veteran difficulty mobile but you might like to choose Casual if you are a bit of a novice and nood to KRF as its like training mode.
  • 2. In Normal mode the enemies are harder to kill and you get fewer extra units where as in Casual mode you have more troops, your damage is less but enemies are killed a bit quicker and easier. Veteran mode is unlocked later on and is only if you are a really good player of Kingdom Rush.
  • 3. When you begin the first level it shows a small tutorial which you can click to view more or skip. You can start immediately buying and placing a tower or two somewhere by clicking on any of the empty areas where a menu will open with an option to buy one of four towers such as Archers, Wizards, Artillery (cannons) and Barracks (ground units).
  • 4. Click on the start battle button when you are ready. Clicking this early rewards extra gold coins. You can upgrade towers while you are in battle by using your coins that you earn from killing the enemy as well as being killed.
  • 5. In the next levels you are going to unlock your special powers such as metoer showers and lightening strikes plus send in constant reinforcements to attack the approaching enemy, slowing them down and letting your towers do their jobs. Your special powers have a recharge cool down time which can be reset by clicking to send the enemy in early.

Towers Guide

Barracks: The barracks sends out armored warrior fighters that will fight the approaching enemy as the walk along the path slowing them down and killing them. They take on individual enemies but can be killed. Upgrade them to make them more effective and stronger fighters. Create barrack at bottle neck points for best effect.

Artillery: These are the cannons that fire explosives at the enemies and are one of the most effective towers at destroying bunches of enemies marching together. However they are a little slower that other towers.

Mage Towers: The Mage or Wizard tower casts a spell of harmful variety at the enemy. It’s not the fastest tower on the map but is one of the most potent when it comes to some of the enemies that are grouped together.

Archer Tower: Finally the Archer towers send out a barrage of arrows the enemy from a long range and at a high rate of speed also. The attack strength is not as strong as the Barrack towers but its the fastest shooting tower of them all. You will have to find the right combination depending on the type of enemy.

I hope these tips help you to have a good game and have fun.

See our walkthrough guide below.