Kingdom Rush Level 1 Walkthrough

We’d love to do a Kingdom Rush Frontiers walkthrough guide, but Kingdom Rush Frontiers is not yet available to play online for free. It’s currently only available to buy, download & install on iOS devices. Although its expected to be released on flash around Dec 2013 but could be as late as Jan 2014. But this is only a wild guess based on what people have been saying on the ArmorGames and IronHide community forums. Ironhide Game Studio did say Kingdom Rush Frontiers would be released on iOS on June 6th and the Flash version will be released shortly after. But they have a lot of recoding to do to make it playable online in a browser. We know you can’t rush a good thing. But we have been told “very soon” but that could mean anything because as of yet, still no “official” release date for flash players. All we know is they want to release it with all 15 stages and all 8 heroes fully completed.

So the flash Kingdom Rush Frontiers walkthrough guide will have to wait until that version is released online. Until then, we have the Kingdom Rush Walkthrough for you and in this first case we are doing Level 1 walkthrough game guide for you. It’s worth mentioning here before we start that Kingdom Rush can be played without an ArmorGames account. And that the game does come with the possibility of buying some premium content (for registered users only). However this premium content costs $5.95 to buy but its not required to win and complete the game. Although you do get 5 extra stages to play on. Rise of the Bandits, Winter Storm, Sarelgaz Lair, Rotten Forest and Ruins of Acaroth.┬áNot to mention 6 extra heroes, +15 XP, extra Gold, extra Lightening Spell, +1 Reinforcement and some costumes for reinforcements. So while it does give you some nice extras. Remember this is a free game its not required and this walkthrough is for without premium content.

Kingdom Rush Level 1 Walkthrough Strategy – Southport

So when you start the Kingdom Rush game. You will have 3 slots in which to save your progress. You can do an online save allowing you to save your progress in your Armor Games account. Or do a local save to save it on your PC. For now choose the first slot and click “New Game”. As the game starts you see a map and your first starting point which is Southport. From here you can also see some of the other in-game features like the Hero Room where you can see what heroes are available but will require Gold Stars to unlock them. The same applies with Upgrades. You will earn Gold Coins when playing that you can use to spend on upgrades to make you even harder, faster, smarter, better. Go back to the starting map. The only thing you can do now is click the flag to start first level and your first battle at Southport.

level 1Now in this Level 1 Southport Walkthrough you will hopefully earn 3 Gold Stars on the hardest difficulty setting. So click the flag and choose “Hard” on the difficulty drop down setting option then click “To Battle!”. Some in-game tips and instructions will pop up. Just read them quickly and then close them. Now the first thing you’ll need to do is to build a Dwaren Bombard and Militia Barracks. You will find you have spent all your money now and don’t have any for any other towers. This is fine. Just wait to kill the first sets of enemies and you’ll earn enough gold to buy another tower. When you do, now buy the Maga Tower (Wizard Tower) and place it in the spot closest to where the enemies approach from. After the first 2 waves are over, you should have unlocked one of your special abilities to call for reinforcements. Use these often as and when you can at every opportunity! It’s best to place them near your Militia Barracks men as this strengthens them.

victory 3 gold starsWhen you have earned a little more gold from killing these after initial attackers. Buy several more Dwaren Bombard towers and place them slightly further along the path. These might not even be needed at first but will help you should any enemies happen to get through the first defense. Using these towers are all you need to get the 3 Gold Stars. But before it ends, you should unlock the Rain of Fire reinforcement. This does what it says, it rains down fire upon your enemies. But be careful when you use it as it has a long recharge time. Use it only on bosses or if any are nearly entering your kingdom. That said, you will probably find that right after you unlock it that the level is complete. All the enemies have been killed and you have earned 3 Gold Stars. For the king baby!

And that completes the Kingdom Rush Level 1 Walkthrough guide. We’d do a Hacked Kingdom Rush Level 1 Walkthrough but there isn’t really much point is there? I mean, you can’t loose when playing the hacked version. You get unlimited coins and reinforcements. Do you really need anyone to tell you the best strategy when you have an unlimited arsenal at your disposal?

We hope you found this useful. We will post the next Kingdom Rush Level 2 Walkthrough shortly. Stick around for that! Subscribe to us here to receive an email alert when we add a new post.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Release Dates
Release date on iPad: Thursday 6th June 2013
Release date on iPhone: Thursday 6th June 2013
Release date on Flash : Dec 2013 / Jan 2014?

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