Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Guide

kingdom rush frontiers guideThe Kingdom Rush Frontiers game has the power to make get game players completely engaged with the game. It has the charisma that drives gamers to love and keep playing this game over and over again. This game is almost perfect in that sense but but is rated as one of the most popular and best tower defence games to play online today. Kingdom Rush game has kept the battle/defense-strategy genre alive. It is a job well done for Ironhide Game Studios. They made a terrific and wonderful game that gamers will enjoy and will continuously play. You will never get bored of playing this top tower defence game whether on iPad or iPhone or playing online on your PC. It seem that Ironhide Game Studios has included some magic touch which has made Kingdom Rush Frontiers one of the most enjoyable and excellent games in the market today to play.

kingdom rush frontiers hdThis action fantasy strategy game is available in App store and other devices and platforms, and it is made even better because it is now in high definition. It means more fun for all the game players out there in a higher quality. You will get thrilled of its game story line as you play along. Defend your kingdom from monsters, trolls, bad wizards and other evil foes. Use various spells and magic against these evil monsters, command troops of soldiers and summon help from magical reinforcements. Free your kingdom from the powers of wanton darkness! Be ready to fight enemies and powerful bosses in every quest in this game. Your battles can be in enchanted forest, wastelands or even in mountains full of monsters. There are so many upgradable items and soldiers in this game. You will definitely be having fun in creating strategies to defend your kingdom.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is in High Definition, this has gained a lot of good feedback. This might make the game slightly larger and more memory intensive so its good if Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the only game that is running on your iPad when playing it; besides I don’t think you will need any other game because the sounds and gameplay are so great. It will make you feel that you are a part of the game. Graphics visual wise, I agree that Ironhide Games are a great creator of iPad games as well as online in your browser. The visuals are just awesome. As I mentioned a while ago, this game is like, perfect. There are some flaws but you would not really mind it because they are so subtle. You wouldn’t even notice them whilst playing, because as a game player you will become enchanted by this game…

New things in  Kingdom Rush: Frontiers include:

  1. Fortify the frontier in exotic news lands – hold the road in deserts, jungles and even the underworld!
  2. Eight new specialised tower upgrades! Slice, sizzle, and stomp your foes with bow Forts, Mighty Templar’s, Necromancers, and even Earthquake Machines.
  3. Over eighteen tower abilities! Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies!
  4. Over forty enemies with distinctive abilities! Stay on your toes as you fight through desert sand-worms, shamans, tribes and underground terrors.
  5. Nine legendary heroes. Select your champions and train their abilities!
  6. Special units and options on each stage! Be careful for the Black Dragon!
  7. Merciless boss fights! Be sure to use your special powers on them!
  8. Hours of gameplay with over seventy achievements!
  9. Classic, Iron, and Heroic game modes to challenge your plan of action skills!
  10. Three problem modes! Are you up for a true challenge? go together with hard mode!
  11. Intoxicating charm with a rousing score, robust voice-overs and fondly illustrated cartoon art!
  12. In-game encyclopedia! True warriors apprehend thine enemies and their towers.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Playing Tips

Kingdom Rush HDSome people want to know some game playing tips and tips on how to productively spend your gold coins. Well for one don’t spend them all immediately. Although its better to upgrade one of your towers sometimes rather than just buying lots of new ones. But you may find its better to just upgrade a tower rather than buy new ones which will do more damage on its own while upgraded than 2 or 3 basic towers together! Never leave any time for your special reinforcements to cooldown as long as there are enemies on the screen. Yes, you would possibly have a stronger enemy assault developing, however you want to keep your troops alive for as long as you can, and reinforcements will coerce the battle in your favor. You want to anticipate damage in battle along with your defences for a battle to occur. This is where Armor towers and troops come in handy. They slow the approaching enemies down so your towers can inflict more damage to them. So place the Armor towers in between others then click on the iris icon within the radial wheel that opens, then place them wherever you want them to defend, and they go into battle. Just do make certain you do not leave a path for them to get through attack you from.. It’s all well and smart having lots of troops getting stuck right into the battle but you will be aiding them a lot by having ranged support near to them. Your warriors will take a good beating but they can live longer and also the enemy will drop quicker if there is a rain of arrows hitting them in the time. It takes a little time like 2 seconds for your rain of fire to land at the spot on the path you click on. For this reason, it is important to aim this deadly a little earlier on the path the enemy is approaching on. By doing this they’re going to march straight into the explosion, and you do the most damage. The simplest ways to kill heavily-armored enemies is by making use of your magic towers. Magic injury bypasses armor, guaranteeing that your opponent takes an honest beating as they march towards the exit. Be cautious of magic assaults against targets that have high magic resistance though! Whether or not you decide to upgrade your current towers, or build new ones, is basically an issue of individual map strategy and private preference. If you are addressing bog-standard grunts, take them on with numerous common units – and keep the defenses returning to earn more gold coins!

Tips to Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

  • The game will begin and you’ll begin putting towers to defend your base. Place them on any of the small circles shown on the map that have a flag protruding from them.
  • Once you place a tower on one of those circles, you are shown a menu that enables you to choose from four choices of tower.
  • You’ll make a choice from archer towers, magic towers, armor attacker towers, and explosive towers.
  • Archer towers lets you to put a tower that shoots arrows at your enemies. Effective, however simple because of the attack speed and not the power.
  • Magic shoots  at enemies, stopping them in their tracks. Powerful, nevertheless not as quick as the arrows but handy for armored enemies.
  • Armored attackers lets you put a tower that brings out a soul and defends against any enemies. Good that it stops one enemy instantly but weak to hordes.
  • Explosives – maybe the most powerful tower of all that shoots bombs at your oncoming enemies. But this tower has the slowest attack speed.
  • Each of those towers is good in their own manner. Some enemies are weak or strong to differing kinds of attacks, so you ought to attempt a number of approaches before you find the best way.
  • Selling a tower also will pay gold coins and you may need to keep an eye on it within the top left hand corner of the screen.

I hope you like and have found this game guide useful. Of course this is for just playing Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers and not the hacked Kingdom Rush game you can play. However you can still gleam some of the tips from this guide and use them to succeed better in that game as well. Playing the hacked Kingdom Rush game is a thrill because you get unlimited gold coins and can use them to buy towers and upgrades as well as use unlimited special abilities on enemies without having to wait for the timer to refresh before you can use them again. So you can really rain down unlimited hellfire upon them! Stay tuned for more Kingdom Rush Frontiers tips and content coming here soon.

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