How to Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

kingdom rush frontiers gameKingdom Rush Frontiers is a tower defence game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and was first released to play on the 6th June 2013 just recently this year. Currently Kingdom Rush Frontiers is only available to play on an iPhone/iPod or iPad and Android device. However we can probably expect their to be a flash version released much like the first Kingdom Rush game that was released as a flash version of the game. Even though with this particular game Ironhide site shows that the flash version was released first on the 28th of July 2011. The game was made available on iPad on 19th December 2011. Then the iPhone 28th June 2012 and finally the Android on the 15th May this year 2013. But Frontiers was released first on iPad and iPhone on the 6th June this year. And at the rate that Ironhide are now churning out games its probably fair to say there will be a PC version coming on the horizon.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers will hopefully be a flash game that you can play online for free on your PC or other device that can play flash games. Usually any web browser such as Firefox or Chrome and IE are sufficient enough to play Kingdom Rush Frontiers game online. However because Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a flash game you will also need the Adobe Flash Player plugin to play it. This is a free widely spread plugin that installs in seconds. If you can play Kingdom Rush Frontiers online already or watch flash videos then you already have it installed. But when this happens you can be sure we’ll host the game here.

Playing a game like Kingdom Rush Frontiers online can be fun and addictive. People of all ages and from all backgrounds can and do play it online on their PC. The game offers the player a chance to feel like a winner and a king for successfully defending his kingdom from attack. The makers of the game at Ironhide Studios have done a good job and put a lot of effort into this flash game. Bear in mind there is only so much you can do and so far you can go with flash games. But the Kingdom Rush saga has really pushed it to its limits and shows the power in flash gaming and it makes it one of the best tower defence games to play online IMHO.

How to Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

ipad ipod iphone androidYou can download and install the game from the Apple App Store ( onto your Apple device (iPad/iPhone/iPod). Or Android (Google) Smartphone from the Google Play Store ( It costs $2.99 on the App Store. Or £1.99 in UK. But its slightly cheaper at £1.91 on the UK Google Play store so probably same price in Dollars but only slightly! However this is a very reasonable price compared to some games but it might be why IGN Editor’s Choice and Slide To Play say its a Must Have. And 148 Apps Editor’s Choice, Jay is Games, gave it the “Game of the Year” and “Pocket Gamer Gold Award”. And Touch Arcade gave it a 4.5/5, And CNET said its the “Best iPad Game”.

Other people that have played this game have said “Kingdom Rush is a beaut of a tower defense game, with new ideas that make it feel extremely polished and refined.”  “This is easily one of the best tower defense games currently in the App Store.” “Kingdom Rush is an instant classic and is guaranteed to turn up on 2012 “best of” lists.”  “Kingdom Rush can be filed in the thin folder marked -games that are pretty much perfect-.”. How much more do you want to read into and know about this game before you finally start to play it and enjoy the amazing rush experience that it brings!? Don’t worry if you feel its something you’ll stop playing after a while. Once you start playing you’ll soon become addicted and want to get further and further. Sure you might even loose a few battles. But you’ll learn something new to take with you into the next one! And each time you do you’ll earn more gold coins and gems to spend on upgrading more towers and getting more abilities to help you get even further in the game. Not to mention you’ll get free lifetime updates from Ironhide Studio.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Strategy Guide

It’s all about strategy! This is consider a strategy game. Because you’ll literally need to strategically place your towers in the right spots as well as ensure you place the correct type of towers for the job. Well come on you want to get through that level you keep dying on right? So you need the strategy guide on how to get past it. Fear not! In our own experience in playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers we will have a full on walkthrough and strategy guide on how to play Kingdom Rush Frontiers in the best way to help you get through and win the levels. The strategy guide will be a walkthrough from my own experience of the game. What I’ve learned along with my tips and hints about it. I’ll also provide more details on the types of towers and what they do Vs the enemies that you can get and the best way to go about killing them to get not only further in the game, but to appreciate and fully enjoy this game a lot more as well.

Like Tower Defender Games Like Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

I love TD games. I’ve been playing them for years myself. Of all flash games, TD (Tower Defence) games are my favourite. I know of many from years back, and I know of the most recent TD Games as well such as Frontline Defense, Stick War, Zombies TD, etc and including Kingdom Rush Frontiers. KR Frontiers is the 2nd version of the game. And this time round there are more enemies to kill. Just as well there are more towers to build and upgrade. And more special bonus powers also. If you enjoyed the original Kingdom Rush game then there’s no doubt that you will love to play Kingdom Rush Frontiers game online as well. Well if not then hopefully now thanks to this walkthrough strategy you’ll be prepared and know how to play it this way to enjoy it more and get the best from it also.

Where to Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Online?

You can find out more about where to play Kingdom Rush Frontiers here.

Stick around for the strategy guide by subscribing to us and to find out when this game is available to play for free online. Inevitably overtime it will be. As well as a hacked Kingdom Rush Frontiers game also. I think this will be absolutely awesome and I will thoroughly enjoy it if I can play hacked Kingdom Rush Frontiers game online for free on my PC. Playing the hacked Kingdom Rush game online is intense enough with Frontiers 2 it will be out of this world.

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