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Play the Hacked Kingdom Rush game online. Get unlimited gold coins, tower upgrades and unlimited premium content!

Giant Tower Defense 3 Hacked


Get ready for more giantastic battles! Build double tower defense at once and protect your castle. Keyhacks: Press [Z] – Toggle Base Health [X] – for Gold [C] – for Upgrade Points [V] – To Win

Viking Warfare Hacked


Defend your islands and kill all the vikings that try to breach your islands. Hackmenu [Tilt(~):Show/Hide] : [1] – Toggle Treasure [2] – Toggle Unit Health [3] – Resurrect Dead Unit [4] – Money (0-500) [5] – Upgrades [6] – Kill Enemies [7] – Win Level

Clash Of Goblins Hacked


The goblin army is rapidly sweeping through your kingdom and slaying all that stand and fight them. Now they have reach your home and you must try and defy the odds and see if you can fight of this brutal army of beasts. Hackbar : [4] – Toggle Castle Health [5] – Toggle Barrcade Health […]

Elventales: The Arcanery Hacked


A long time ago in a certain Elven kingdom, a young man had to survive an abyssal dungeon to join the royal army. Help him escape the labyrinth. Hacks: Arcane skills are free.



Play Shadow Kings – The Dark Ages MMORPG online game and build up your city and warriors to defend it against the dark evil forces. If you like you’re MMORPG’s then play Shadow Kings – The Dark Ages. The game was created by the same people that made other popular MMORPG’s like Goodgame Empire, Goodgame […]

Viking Warfare


Viking Warfare is a tower defense game with a viking/celtic background, where in addition to constructed towers, you’ll need to build and manage archers boats to win. Unlock new tower levels as you advance, and buy upgrades with the stars granted by completing levels.

Expendables 3: TD


A new expendables movie means a new tower defense game from them. Continue the action as you blow up enemies or die a hero. More explosion, tanks, guns, and carnage just like the movie. Movie is in theatre’s now.

1943 Defense


Defense 1943 is another world war 2 tower defense game. constant waves of enemies and towers that can be upgrade in three different areas.

1945 Tower Defense


The object of the game is to build your turrets to shoot down the German planes based from world war 2. There are 7 enemy planes and 4 different turrets. Each turret is upgradeable to lvl 5. Cheat mode is embedded into the game.

Tesla Defense 2 Hacked


This is Tesla Defense 2, a sequel of the popular defend your base game. Select air and ground tower and place them on the battlefield. Defend your base and fight off enemy soldiers, tanks and aircraft using your electricity based weapons. Destroy everything that moves! Hacks & Cheats: Lots of money. Controls: Mouse = Tesla […]

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